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We simply put your product photos on white background

product background removal service

What looks the best also sells the best. Bring your product under the spotlight and it begins to sell like a hot cake.

The photo you shoot is not always presentable. There remain several unwanted elements, taking the focus out of the product that you want to sell. This is where the professional background removal services come into picture.

Background removal not only brings your product under the spotlight but also helps you achieve a high level of consistency throughout your product catalog or virtual store. Your website looks more professional with eye-catching and attractive images displayed in similar backgrounds.

Professional clipping path and background removal services do not use automatic tools, but rather rely on manual approaches to come up with a clear and more polished look. As a result the product shines and attracts prospective buyers.

E-commerce vendors, online retailers and web store owners, all need image background removal, clipping path, deep etch and cutout services from experienced and professional retouchers. PicsRetouch can offer you all at an unbelievable price. Ask us for a free sample today.

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Examples of White Background images for eCommerce

background removal for ecommercebackground changing for ecommerce
background removalbackground changing
photo background modificationimage background modification
transparent backgroundtransparent background before
photo white background serviceimage white background service
jewelry white backgroundjewelry background removal

Who need background modification?


Online Retail Business


Product Photographers


Automotive Dealers


Stock image Agencies

Why PicsRetouch?

We offer free trail background changing work to judge our quality, delivery time and terms. PicsRetouch uses clipping path for required background of an image, mannequin removal from product, color enhancement, changing the outline of a picture, masking, specific image area selection, and transparent background.

How can we help you with our services?

We can help you achieve the following objectives with our retouch services.

  • Knock out the background from an image
  • Cut out the desired image
  • Create transparent backgrounds
  • Add a white background or any other background that you prefer
  • Clean images from dust and other blemishes
  • Create shadows to give more depth to the image
  • Replace color to create products in multiple colors
  • Resize images to fit your need
  • Combining two images to create a ghost mannequin effect
  • Add special effects

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