Background Removal Services

We simply put your product photos on white background

background removal service

What looks the best also sells the best. Bring your product under the spotlight and it begins to sell like a hot cake. It is possible for us to remove a background of a photo, making it transparent so it can be placed on a solid background without the white background showing.

The photo you shoot is not always presentable. There remain several unwanted elements, taking the focus out of the product that you want to sell. This is where the background removal come into picture.

Background removal not only brings your product under the spotlight but also helps you achieve a high level of consistency throughout your product catalog or virtual store. Your website looks more professional with eye-catching and attractive images displayed in similar backgrounds. If you are an online seller of apparels, shoes, jewelries, toys and more other products then you should hire our services. We are a leading bulk photo background removal service provider at very cheap price.

Clipping path do not use automatic tools, but rather rely on manual approaches to come up with a clear and more polished look. As a result the product shines and attracts prospective buyers.

Image White Background Services

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Clipping path for required background of an image

Mannequin removal from product

Color enhancement & adjustment

Changing the outline of a picture

All types of image masking

Transparent background

PicsRetouch Background Removal Services

Several types of background removal services exist. We use all of them. Some of the most popular services we offer include the following.

background changing
background removal

Simple Background Removal

Our simple background removal process involves creating a clipping path around the highlighted object. We remove the background or replace it with a white or any other color background. To ensure focus on the product, we also employ a few of our retouching techniques to enhance it even further and make it presentable.

Shadow Creation

A product without adequate shadows gives the appearance of something floating in space. Shadows create a realistic look and give the product a grounding appearance. Different types of shadows exist and we know enough to give each product a fitting shadow and reflection to make it appear real.

image white background service
photo white background service
clipping path before
clipping path after

Product Manipulation

Some products have missing parts and without those the products may look incomplete. We create those missing parts while clearing the clutter around the product. Our product manipulation techniques follow the industry standards and help maintain the authenticity of the images displayed.

Our Professional Background Removing Services

Rely on our long experience and precision work for great output.

Cutout and Transparency
Knock out the background from an image. Cutout the desired photo and create transparent backgrounds.
Resizing and Color Replacement
Resize images to fit your need. Replace color to create products in multiple hues and colors.
Cleaning and Enhancement
Clean images from dust and other blemishes. Add a white background or any other background that you prefer. Create shadows to give more depth to the image.
Special Treatment
Add special effects and shadows. Combining two images to create a ghost mannequin effect

Which types of images we remove background?

These are the product images on which we work daily basic to remove their background.

online retail products
Online Retail products
car retouching
amazon ebay product listing
Amazon, Ebay products listing
Electronic items
White Background of Jewelry
Stock images background

Our clientele

A wide range of clients benefit from our services. These may include photographers, retailers, business owners and stock image agencies.

Online Retailers
Product Photographers
Car Dealers
Stock image Agencies

What our clients say

Here is what our clients say about our work.

Fantastic background removal services! The images are clean and professional, perfect for our online store. Quick turnaround and great attention to detail!


Here, we have answered a few questions you might want to ask.

Yes, we can handle complex backgrounds with multiple products. Also, we can separate background from images with fur and hair.

Our services include white background, clipping path, colored background, transparency layer, etc.

Why PicsRetouch is the best background removal service provider?

Several factors make India a favorite outsourcing destination for all kinds of image editing jobs. The following are just a few of these factors.

Geographical Advantage

India is GMT+5:30, which means the professionals here are already at office when their clients in the Western World are still sleeping. A client in the U.S.A. can send their work to an outsourcing destination in India before going to sleep and get the work completed by the next morning. The time zone difference just work in favor of Indian clipping path professionals.

Great Infrastructure

India is a party to BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. This is simply an indicator of its growing economy and advancing infrastructure. The quality of services by an Indian company can be at par with a similar company in the U.S.A. or U.K.

Growing Pool of Skilled Retouchers

There is no dearth of talented and hard-working professionals in India and the world recognizes this. Growing competition has only helped these professionals hone up their skills and become masters in their areas of activities.

Flexible Pricing

While the image editing companies and experts base their pricing in terms of hours they work on a project, the companies in India can, in most cases, quote a flat rate for a particular kind of image, helping clients to have a good idea of the cost involved. This pricing model, while reducing the cost significantly, can help improve the quality and lower the turnaround time. E-commerce vendors, online retailers and web store owners, all need Photoshop services from experienced retouchers. PicsRetouch can offer you all at an unbelievable price. Ask us for a free sample today.