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fashion photo retouching

Image retouching helps transform a not-so-smart image into an elegant piece of art. Click your photo anywhere, under any setting, and bring it to us to do wonders with the subject of the picture.

Our retouching specialists are well-versed with skin smoothing, color adjustment and various photo correction techniques, giving your images a soft, shining look.

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Our process of Fashion Image Retouching

We have a team of master photo editors and art technicians who are aware of the different aspects of high-end beauty, magazine quality & fashion photography retouching. They have years of experience in creating a truly great image using their solid knowledge of hi-end retouching techniques.

Elements of High-End Retouching

The tools, techniques and processes change as we get to work on different parts of an image. The things may get really complicated in case of a fashion photography sample. The retouchers not only need to work on different body parts of a model, but also on surrounding elements and the background. Be it a scene of beauty pageant event or a studio portrait of fashion models, glamour is at its best when retouching is done at a professional level.

Skin Retouching

The first things to look at are skin blemishes, such as spots, pimples, cuts and scars. They are fairly easy to do away with. What is challenging for a retoucher is to retain all skin details while smoothing texture and adjusting tones. Removing wrinkles, grease, sweat and shine, and fixing light and shadows are necessary steps of skin retouching. It all needs experience to do a realistic touch to the face and body skin.

Face Makeover

Not all photographs turn out to be great and correctly justify how actually you should look. We apply virtual makeover techniques to correct photographic errors and enhance facial beauty. Red-eye removal, teeth brightening, removing crow’s feet and reducing eye bags and wrinkles are important steps of this process. We then turn to enhance color and sharpness of eyes, mouth and lips, and adjust the lighting on the face. If needed, we can also subtly reshape all or any aspects of the face and add virtual make-up to complete the facial makeover.

Body and Outfit

Often times, a retoucher needs to work on the body of a model to adjust any shape disorders and enhance its looks and glamour. The clothes look great on a neatly sculpted body. Businesses that use models to sell their products may also want to have their products stand out in the image. It is just part of a typical fashion retouching job to adjust, smoothen and recolor clothes and other accessories.

Background and Post Production

You may want to remove distractions from an image’s background or just remove or change the background altogether. As part of post production, a photographer needs to fix lighting and color, and do overexposed and underexposed adjustments. All these can easily be done with the skilful use of computer software. Cropping, resizing and re-centering are some of the steps to complete the process of total digital make-over of a fashion model.


Our services for fashion image editing

An ordinary picture transforms into an extraordinary one as it passes through the different expert hands at our company, PicsRetouch. Here are some of the things that our specialists do to enhance the look and feel of an image.

Remove spots, wrinkles, blemishes and other imperfections in the image
Enhance skin color and other details of a human subject
Fine tune the curves and shapes using different vector-based graphic techniques
Retouch various body parts – lips, eyes, mouth, nose and chin – to enhance and beautify
Apply image masking and hair masking techniques
Do things, such as teeth whitening and color correction
Edit, change or remove backgrounds

Our clientele

Fashion Photographers

Models & Aspiring Actors

Magazine Companies

Business Owners

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Image Manipulation

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Magazine Photo Retouching

The PicsRetouch Difference

The above are only a few of the elements that have become standards in the fashion retouching industry. Our services include all these standard elements as well as our own artistic innovations, giving us an edge over our competitors. With the touch of our expert hands, the original image turns into a better final product. Our team of photo editors are experienced enough to have a good sense of artistic creation, magazine quality retouching and have worked with all kinds of latest tools and techniques. Thus, you are sure of professional quality services at our company.

Why Us?

Choose us for our experience, quality, skill and hard work. Here are a few other factors that differentiate our beauty retouching techniques from the others in the industry.

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