eCommerce Photo Retouching Services

Give your product image a professional look and make it stand out at your online store

ecommerce photo retouching

The decision to buy a product online largely depends on how the product is displayed on the shopping website. You can’t simply shoot and upload the photograph. Instead you need to have your images professionally retouched before you can place them on your online retail store.

Manufacturers and online sellers of jewelry, clothes, cosmetic items, electronic, toys and shoes, for example, need professional photo editing services, such as white background, transparent background, natural shadow, clipping path, invisible mannequin effect and color correction on a regular basis.

Our retouching experts can help online sellers to save their time and cost of product photo shooting with photograph recoloring and color matching services. We create new photos of your same product in different colors by recoloring process. You can get your edited product photos according to your required texture, fabric and pattern.

You need to stand out amidst the growing competition. It is a known fact that a visually appealing website works like a charm on buyers. As a result, you must invest in good quality images to attract online shoppers and maximize conversion.

Our Professional eCommerce Image Editing Services

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ecommerce product retouching
product image editing
product photo editing
product retouch
product retouching

Here are some of our retouching services for online store.

Invisible mannequin and clipping path

Product recolor with color swatches

Brightness & contrast balancing

Image cutout and transparent background

Trimming and reshaping of product images

Smoothing and Softening of product wrinkles

Color correction, color adjustment, color management, color enhancement and color grading for professional look of products

Proper naming and formatting that include correction in size and dimension, and DPI and PPI optimization

Cropping and removal of unwanted elements for maximum focus to images being displayed

Changes in resolution and sharpening of blurry images to make them look good on online retail store

Simple, complex and super complex clipping path for e-commerce product enhancement

Image resizing and margin adjustment without an any loss to image quality

Adding natural shadow and reflection on images for their enhanced look on e-commerce websites

High-quality image optimization for print and online retail shop

Alpha channel masking, clipping mask and layer masking.

Product Photo Recoloring Service

A product recoloring facility helps to create new images in different colors to suit the needs of online product selling websites, such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy and others. Our eCommerce product recoloring prices may be different per image according to factors like normal fabric, netted, fur, single color or multiple colors. We use Color Swatch Library to create professional color, gradients and patterns. You can get discounts and some special offers if you have bulk quantity of product images.

Besides, our ecommerce retouching service includes the following as well.

clipping path 2
clipping path

White Background

Most ecommerce portals require you to upload images with white background. We optimize images for web display and maintain consistency in look. Manual clipping path creates a perfect cutout and makes the product stand out amidst a pure white background. We also retouch the product here and there to enhance it even more.

Multiple Products

We excel in creating clipping path for multiple products. It is a challenge to display an assortment of products in a single image and still keep the focus on key products. Our experience with different ecommerce companies has helped us working with images with multiple products such a breeze.

image editing
photo editing
apparel image retouching
apparel photo retouching

Ghost Mannequin

Several products need mannequins to stay straight, but you can’t display mannequins along with the products. We help you out in such a situation. Our ghost mannequin service helps remove unwanted props and mannequins, and replace them with an effervescent white background.

E-commerce Image Retouching Process

Here is a typical workflow of our retouching services for online store.

Clip the image
Edit to correct photographic errors
Correct color and light
Put the image on a white background
Add a shadow
Give a final touch

Showcase of eCommerce Image Editing portfolio

Our e-commerce photo retouching portfolio cut across a wide spectrum of industries that include apparels, shoes, jewelry, toys and vehicles.

Apparels Retouching
Jewelry Photo Editing
Shoes Cutout
Toys Retouching
Vehicles Photo Editing
Sunglasses Cutout

Our clientele

We help ecommerce businesses ensure a solid visual presence with out impeccable e-commerce retouching services.

E-commerce portals
Online Retailers
Tech Company Owners

What our clients say

Here is what our clients say about our work.

Absolutely brilliant! Our product photos are now crisp and professional, boosting our sales significantly. Highly recommend their e-commerce retouching!


Here, we have answered a few questions you might want to ask.

Yes, we can handle large quantities of images with efficiency. Depending on the nature of work, we can also offer a quick turnaround time, usually, 24 hours. Moreover, we do have discounts for images in bulk.

Yes, we can deliver images other formats as well. These may include TIFF and even PSD.

Why PicsRetouch is the best eCommerce Image Editing Service Provider?

PicsRetouch can help you achieve the objective. It is an India-based company specialized in digital product recoloring and editing for online retail shop. We have several years of experience in transforming raw photographs into website-ready images.

We welcome startups and individuals who sell their products through online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Quicksales. We have helped many successfully launch their product profiles on online shopping and auction websites

Global Reach

We have clients across the world and our clients in Australia, United States, Hong Kong, Germany, France and UK are very appreciative of our retouching work.


Our global reach has helped us understand the needs and expectations of retailers, wholesalers, and catalogers. You can get easy quotation for e-commerce retouching services.


We have enough resources to process bulk orders quickly and efficiently.

Bulk Image Discount

We offer special prices and exclusive discounts to clients with images in bulk.