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Clipping path services

It may not be as simple as it seems. Experience, skill and hard work, all go together to create a closed vector path, often called a clipping path. Be it background removal or color replacement, businesses need the services to give their images a consistent and resplendent look. Rely on the dexterous hands of PicsRetouch to meet your deadlines with perfect accuracy.

We offer photo cutout of Jewelry, Toys, Models, Cars, Apparels and Shoes. Online retailers, stock agencies and photographers can easily enquire or contact for all types of product clipping and background modification works.

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Our process of clipping path service or deep etching

There is no substitute to hard work. The magic wand is not anything better than the pen tool. Perfect etching needs great skills and a lot of experiences, too. An ideal combination of all is necessary for quality output in the least time. This is what gives our process an edge and helps us excel in the industry.

Types of Clipping Path we have done

Depending on the images and the client’s objectives, there can be different kinds of clipping, which directly affect the time taken to do a job and the cost involved in the process. The following can be a few types of services based on these factors.

footwear clipping pathfootwear photo cut out

Simple Clipping Path

Images of footwear, boxes, bottles and cans are straightforward. They primarily consist of straight lines, which are easy to select using lasso and other Photoshop tools, and usually take little time to finish. Such kinds of images fall in the simple clipping path category.

jewelry photo clipping pathjewelry image cutout service

Complex Clipping Path

Some images feature lots of curves and complex sets of lines. Examples include jewelry items and some vehicles. The most common tool to do a complex clipping path is the pen tool of Photoshop. You need good skill and a good amount of time to do justice with images containing a complex set of lines and curves.

complex clipping pathsuper complex clipping

Super Complex Clipping Path

It is not easy to separate human models and animals with furs from their backgrounds. Special techniques, such as image masking, are employed to do such kinds of jobs and only experienced photo editors can offer a professional quality photo retouching service.

apparel background removalapparel background changing

Multiple Clipping Paths

Also known by various names, such as compound clipping path, color path, color correction masks and color gradient, the multiple clipping paths are a way to prepare the ground work for color correction and color replacement.

Uses of Clipping Path for image editing and retouching

Retouchers often need to clip images before they may be able to do any of the following.

Create drop shadow

Edit a certain portion of the image

Remove or change backgrounds

Give a special shape to an object

Cull unwanted elements

Correct or change color

Cut out of photo for eCommerce website

Masking of images

Photoshop graphic design

Our product image cut out services and work

We have helped many businesses with our cutting-edge services, which include the following.


Background removal


Color correction or color replacement


Cut out objects with hairs or furs


Adding Drop Shadows and Reflections


Convert images as a transparent .png

Some examples of product clipping path and white background

Over the years, we have changed background of thousands of images that may fall in the following categories. Please note that the following list of categories is not exhaustive and does not include all that we did at PicsRetouch.

jewelry clipping path


toys clipping service


apparel image clipping path


shoes photo cut out


image knockout


image masking services

Electronic Product

Our clientele


E-commerce Businesses


Graphic Designers

What our clients say

I provided the images to PicsRetouch for mask on a white (255,255,255 RGB) background with seamless selections. I get a satisfactory result. Guys are highly experienced in clipping, masking and retouching work. – Jimi Britches, Perth, Australia


The PicsRetouch Difference

We offer a fine balance between quality and speed. Not many companies can offer high quality services with the least turnaround time. The icing on the cake is the prices we charge at our company. Our prices are the lowest in the industry and you can also compare to other background changing service companies. Thus, speed, quality and low cost are what make us a preferred choice with many clients.


We are experienced in Deep etching, Mannequin removal, Shadow creation, Drop shadow, Reflection, Alpha masking, Hair masking, Custom background and Custom colorization.


We give 100% quality guarantee of all clipping and retouching work. Our retouchers maintain quality consistently and deliver work after a thorough quality check.


Competitive Price

Our price starts from $0.39 per image. You are at the right place if you are looking for an affordable retouching company who can deliver best price while maintaining quality work.

Free Trial

Use our free trial offer to get a better understanding of our work and turnaround time. This will help us build a healthy and long lasting business relationship.

How can we help you with our experienced services?


Remove distracting backgrounds and replace them with white or customized backgrounds.


Obtain images in transparent backgrounds to use them on banners and advertising materials.


Extract objects and people from still imagery and place them on the images where they are needed.


Replace product colors to showcase the same product in different colors.


Get web-ready images with property sizing and resolutions to upload on e-commerce websites and online marketplaces.

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