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You take product photos, we make them presentable

Well, you have a product and you want to sell it online. You can’t do it unless the product looks irresistible and entices a potential customer to buy it eventually. Our retouching work can do wonders for your business as we can transform a simple-looking image into something that compels a customer to buy it.

PicsRetouch has a dedicated product photo editing and retouching team who can help an online shopping portal with services like image editing, photo retouching, addition of lights, clipping path, advanced masking, color correction and replacement, recolor and background addition, change or removal.

Our photo editors can add reflections or drop shadows to make product photos look natural. Products pop up but do not look overly retouched. Our balanced approach can help increase product conversion rate. Join a growing list of retailers and online sellers and e-commerce companies to benefit from our product retouching services.

PicsRetouch Product Retouching - Service Highlights

shoes image retouching
shoes photo retouching
jewelry image retouching
jewelry photo retouching
background editing
background color editing

PicsRetouch uses experience to avoid over-retouching. Images look natural, yet attractive enough to drive sales. Our product retouching services encompass everything from image sharpening to noise reduction and from texture enhancement to creative retouching.

Background fixing

Product cleaning

Error corrections

Shadows and reflections

cropping and resizing

Ghost mannequin

Image compositing

Watermark addition

Photo manipulation

Our Product Image Retouching Process

Product retouch process spans several steps - from background removal to cleaning and correction, creation of shadows and reflections, creative retouching and customization. Among the various steps include image sharpening and noise reduction, cropping and resizing, light and shadow adjustment, photo exposure correction, image blending and custom photo editing.

If you know when and why to choose between a soft and a hard light for different elements of a product image, you can do a good product retouching job. However, the image needs to be cleaned and made free from errors before you can apply the techniques of lights, shadows and reflections. We, thus, work meticulously to fix errors and remove dust, scratches, impurities and imperfections.

footwear photo editing
shoes image retouching

Preparing to process

We cut out the image from background using clipping path, image masking and other techniques. We have long experience in using the pen, lasso or sophisticated masking techniques to remove a background that is distracting. This step is necessary to replace or change background, or add a white or colored background.

We also retouch background, create an accurate outline of the product, edit shoes, boots, footwear, apparel, glassware and other products and e-commerce photos, correct DPI and orientation, crop and resize, change resolution and all other necessary preprocessing steps before proceeding further.

toys image retouch
toys photo retouching

Making it error-free

The image can be too light or too dark. To make it more visually appealing, you need to adjust brightness and contrast. You need to be careful not to brighten too much and obscure details. Also, you must make sure that it is not too dark. Your objective should be to have the natural highlights that showcase the fine details.

A skillful use of the Dodge and Burn tools can help even out the tones and achieve the color correction objective. Further processing involves color adjustment and color enhancement that can help improve the quality and clarity of the image almost magically. Even further, we can correct exposure, fix white balance, remove lens distortion, get rid of overexposure and harsh shadows, and adjust color, hue and saturation

apparel image retouch
apparel photo retouching

Making it clean

Despite all your efforts, you might come up with an image that is not free from dirt and imperfections. Tiny specs of dust and hairs, fingerprints, dirty spots, reflections, smudges, smears and blemishes are just some examples of unwanted elements that must be removed from the images.

We have mastered the use of patch and clone stamp tools to remove such imperfections and unwanted elements, and give your images a neat and clean look. Among the product cleaning services include removal of glass glare, smudges from glass and glossy products, light and deep scratches, dust spots and specks, smears, distracting shadows and elements, and product wrinkles.

photo retoucher
image editor

Finishing up

A lot of things may still need to be done depending on individual preferences and industry requirements. Adding a white background; smoothing out the edge of the product; adding lights, shadows and reflections; cropping, resizing and setting image dimensions & resolutions; and saving files in one or more particular formats are some of the product retouching jobs that give images a finished look and feel.

We can finish up with one or more value-added services that may include product straightening, image compositing, label straightening, smoothing out of carpets, curtains and bedcovers, fixing colors and glasses glare, editing e-commerce photos, eliminating wrinkles, removing deep shadows, and getting rid of distracting cords and extra items.

Outsourcing Product Photo Retouching - Our Solutions

PicsRetouch offers cost-effective solutions to all your product retouching outsourcing needs. Send us your images in bulk for things like background removal, photography post-processing, liquifying, fixing symmetry, glass reflections, and so on. We do not over-retouch and helps preserve a realistic look.

Toys retouching

We offer a range of services when it comes to retouch toys and sports items. Included among them are product recoloring, background removal and editing, and shadow and reflection creation.

Apparel & shoes image editing

Our clothes and footwear retouching include services like hollowman retouching, clipping path, fur masking, ghost mannequin, product straightening, white background, and drop shadows.

Furniture retouching

Clients across the world contact us for specific furniture retouching services, such as product shaping, 360 degree product photo editing, proper object placement and customized editing.

Cosmetic photo touch up

Cosmetics manufacturers and sellers need typical retouching services that include label straightening, image compositing, product recoloring, multiple products display, and the likes.

Gadgets and Electronics

Gadgets and electronics equipment resellers need retouching services to display their products in perfect settings. We remove unwanted wires and bring the focus back on the product.

Jewelry and Expensive Items

Jewelry retouching involves meticulous work on minute details, which only experienced retouchers can do. Rely on us for perfect color harmony and great color contrast among other services.

Showcase of Product Retouching Portfolio

Picture retouching and editing have become vital for many businesses, including e-commerce brands and companies selling toys, jewelry items, Electronics, apparels, clothing items and shoes. We have all necessary skills and technical expertise to address issues related to cropping, resizing, masking, product rotation, reshaping and liquifying.

gadgets photo retouch
toys image editing
clothes retouch
footwear image editing
baby products
Amazon products
footwear clipping path
jewelry clipping service
Jewelry items

Our Product Image Editing Clients

Our client retention rate is quite high, vindicating our dedication and responsiveness in customer support. Among the top clients include professionals like photographers, toy manufacturers, consumer electronics sellers, retailers, sports equipment brands, automotive companies, and food and beverage suppliers

Product photographers
Product manufacturers
Automotive companies
Food and beverage companies

Quotes from our Clients

Our clients keep us growing and inspire us to do more. We thank clients who appreciated our work and send us their good words. We welcome professionals who are struggling with product retouching issues like removal of smudges, fingerprints and smears from a glass surface, or reshape without losing quality using the liquify technique.

Top-notch product retouching! Every detail is perfect, making our catalog shine. Excellent quality and service, mate. Couldn't be happier!

Got Questions on Product Image Editing?

We have covered some frequently asked questions about product image editing and photo retouching here. Learn more with resources that we have placed at different pages of this website. For even more, you can always contact us.

Product retouching is the process of transforming raw images into professional ones using one or more techniques, such as background removal, color correction, blemish removal, sharpening and highlighting, alpha masking, lens correction, perspective correction, object addition and removal, and color enhancement. Sellers can display these photos confidently to boost product sales.

Some of the notable techniques we use include white background replacement, image stitching, shadow and reflection enhancement, product cleaning, removing unwanted objects and elements, adding special effects, wrinkle reduction, product recolor, brightness and contrast adjustment, noise reduction, cropping and image resizing, layer masking, distortion correction, image compositing,

PicsRetouch uses 3-level quality checks to ensure the quality of product retouching services. We use cutting-edge tools, such as dodge and burn, cloning and healing brushes, patch and liquify tools, gradient map, curves adjustment, selective color adjustment, color grading and soft focus to ensure precision and accuracy at all levels.

We have signed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with several of our existing clients. We take confidentiality very seriously and handle all images and project details with utmost care and privacy. Even we take explicit permission from our clients to feature their images on our website.

The complexity level of a product image defines its retouching cost. For example, an image with straight lines and simple shapes can cost as low as USD 0.19 while images with zigzag edges may cost higher. Feel free to send us your images for free samples and exact quotes.

The PicsRetouch Difference

We focus on details and make products stand out with manual editing. We work hard and take extra pains to ensure flawless retouching.

Our specialized services entail enhanced detail and clarity, color accuracy, blemish removal, and custom shadows and reflections.

You can rely on us for impeccable quality, quick turnaround time, reasonable pricing and a high level of confidentiality and security of your details with us.

A high retention rate confirms what we say in above paragraphs. We can safely guarantee 100% satisfaction with our product retouching services.

Specialized Services

Enhanced details and clarity

Manual Editing

Manual editing ensures flawless retouching.


100% satisfaction guaranteed.


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