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wedding photo retouching

You never want to forget your wedding moments and so you hire a professional photographer to capture those unforgettable moments. However, not all your wedding photos turn out the way you wanted them to. Moreover, there can be a number of things that you may want to do with your wedding photographs. Our retouching services exist to help you to do all these and more.

PicsRetouch Wedding Photo Retouching Services

image editing for photographers
photo editing for photographers
wedding image restoration
wedding photo restoration
wedding image retouching
wedding photo retouching

We, at PicsRetouch, can help remove unwanted shadows, combine two or more photos, color black and white photos, create silhouettes, and do a lot of similar things for you. The following are only a few of the things that our experts are capable to do. There can be a number of other things that are needed to be done to make your wedding moments perfect.

Color correction

Removing people

Exposure correction

Photo manipulation

Skin smoothening

Combining two photos

Image resizing

Creating a mood

Changing backgrounds

Virtual weight reduction

Removing skin blemishes & imperfections

Removing shadows and other unwanted elements

The PicsRetouch Wedding Retouch Process

Our wedding retouching workflow involves three basic steps – Editing, Retouching and Manipulation. We usually begin with global adjustment, working smoothly to retouch and manipulate individual elements on a specific image.

Our Retouching Services Workflow

wedding editing before
wedding editing after


Using industry-standard tools, we begin to adjust exposure, correct color, change dimension and remove photographic errors. Busy photographers can rely on our expertise and outsource typical post production jobs, thereby saving time and reducing production cost. Our people at PicsRetouch can quickly fix color balance, crop images and correct exposure. During the global editing process, we also keep an eye on issues such as resizing, straightening and sharpening. Furthermore, we give a finishing touch to editing step with white balance adjustment, noise reduction and making tone curve adjustments.


Skin retouching needs skill and experience. When it comes to removing skin blemishes and imperfection, only an experienced hand can be relied upon. Busy photographers with back-to-back wedding photo session will find it difficult to give justice to thousands of images that they shoot during a marriage ceremony. PicsRetouch can help you touch up culled images quickly and perfectly. Our wedding photo retouching process is not limited to skin retouching and smoothening, but also involves removal of unwanted elements such as shadows and braces, teeth whitening, sky replacement and improvement of poor quality wedding photos.

wedding retouching before
wedding retouching after
wedding manipulation before
wedding manipulation after


We help create a story that lingers on your memory eternally. This is what summarizes our ultimate objective when it comes to wedding photography and retouching. To do so, we use the technique of photo manipulation. It helps create a consistent-looking storyboard that focuses more on bride and groom than any other people or elements in the images. The photo retouchers at PicsRetouch can add, remove or replace people, swap heads, change backgrounds or remove background distractions, and remove creases from clothes. There are even more. For example, they can recompose a photo, combine two or more images, and create a vintage look. Furthermore, you can rely on them for virtual weight reduction, glamour work and creating a mood under our wedding retouching services.

How can a wedding photographer benefit from us?

Save your valuable time and reduce the cost of production with our services. We can help you expand more quickly.

Save Time
We can help you save time in post production and focus more on shooting.
Reduce cost
Our special discount offers can help you reduce the production cost.
Grow more
Focused approach can help you improve quality, bringing you more clients.

Wedding Portfolio

Over the years, we have done jobs related to skin retouching, photo manipulation, brace removal, teeth whitening, background change and combining images.

skin retouching
Skin Retouching
photo manipulation
Photo Manipulation
braces removal
Brace Removal
combining images
Combing Images
background change
Background Change
group photography
Group Photography

Our clientele

We offer wedding retouching services to individuals, photographers, wedding planners, bridal boutiques and magazines, etc.

Wedding Photographers
Wedding Planners
Bridal Boutiques

What our clients say

Here is what our clients say about our work.

Gorgeous wedding retouching! They beautifully captured our special day, making the photos timeless. We're beyond grateful for their amazing work!


Here, we have answered a few questions you might want to ask.

We can retouch all kinds of wedding photos including candid and posed photos.

Yes, we offer packages that may suit individuals as well as photographers and wedding planners. You can ask us for a custom package as well.

The PicsRetouch Difference

Our services are open to photographers as well as individuals. Our team consists of professionals photo editor who have talent and years of experience in using industry-standard tools, software and equipment. Seek their help to remove those ugly braces or do some beauty enhancements. Our experts can help you create a story through the images that they recreate. Create your own story that you love to tell and retell.


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