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A complete solution of large volume image retouching

We have about 200 clients from United States, Australia, UK, Germany, France, Italy and more other countries who are online retailers, car dealers and fashion & wedding photographers. Following retouching services are offered by us:


Clipping Path

We use clipping path for exact cutouts of any object that can be placed on a white background.


Image Manipulation

Image transformation according to client need


Shadow & Reflection

Adding Natural Shadow and reflection on product images for professional retouch.


White Background

Studio background is changed into pure white & lovely background to look beautiful image.


Alpha Masking

We cutout the images of fur, lighting, glasses, leaves, hair, smoke etc through Alpha mask.


Color Adjustment

It includes Color, Brightness/Contrast Correction, Removing Dots and Blemishes.


Hollowman Retouching

We combine front and back view of apparels from mannequin. Invisible neck or Ghost mannequin service.


Photo Restoration

We can repair your old, damaged, faded or torn photos.


Product coloring

It saves your cost and time. We recolor your product images in different colors.

Benefits of our services

Ensure impeccable editing and timely delivery at reasonable cost

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Maximum 24-Hour Turnaround Time

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eCommerce Retouching

Our company has experienced Photoshop experts who edit photo according to client requirements. Fast turnaround and high quality are our first priority. We are mastering in E-commerce post production, background changing, deep etching, color adjustments, distortion, lighting and cutout of any images.

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clipping path services

Image Masking & Clipping Path Services

It is often a need to change or remove the background of an image, so that it can be used for a variety of purposes. This is just an example of cutout or clipping path, which shopping websites, publishing houses and stock agencies, etc need on a regular basis to keep their businesses running.

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high-end fashion retouch

Photo touch up of Models and Fashion

A simple-looking photo can be retouched to transform it into a high-quality photo using Adobe Photoshop. Models and fashion photographers can use our services for hair masking, advanced skin retouching, natural teeth whitening, and removal of things like dark mark, wrinkles and blemishes.

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product photo editing

Product Images Editing

Every customer needs clean and beautiful images to show on his or her website. We work for dust cleanup, color balance, adding shadows and reflection to give the professional look to an image. If you are looking for professional image touch up service provider, you can contact us.

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photo retouching for photographers

Retouching for Photographers

Photographers always aim to capture a great photo for their clients. But some photographic errors might occur, such as too much skin glow and less smooth skin, problems with hair and eye colors, unwanted elements and bad exposure. We are capable to fix all errors in Photoshop to make the photos look natural.

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real estate photo retouching

Real Estate Retouching

Home or building images are manipulated to attract a potential buyer of property. PicsRetouch teams are expert in the skill of stitching, sky color correction, camera distortion fixing and 360 virtual tour. We simply enhance the picture with combination of tree, sky, grass and cloud etc for great presentation before customer.

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real estate photo retouching

Automotive photo retouching

A beautiful automobile image can increase your sale if you are a used or new automobile dealer. We do two types of retouching for automobile. One is Normal Cut in which scenic background is changed to a custom design and the other is Complete Cut in which the complete background (including the ground) is completely changed with an altogether new design.

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Get Inspired (Portfolio)

Harness the power of touch up technology to grow your business. Showcasing here is an example of some of our best works.

Need more proof?

Several businesses thrive with PicsRetouch. Meet a few our clients and hear how we have helped them.

I have been consistently impressed with the speed, quality, and price of PicsRetouch’s clipping path and composite services. They are an essential tool in the workflow of a busy photographer with demanding clients! New York, USA

Zachary DeZon

Professional Photographer

I used to spend hours in the evening trying to edit my images and I was hardly satisfied by the results of my effort. A friend referred PicRetouch to me, and now, I have more time to concentrate on my photoshoots. I just let them handle the editing work and they never disappoint me. Denver, Colorado

Richard Jackson

Fashion Photographer

The best thing about PicsRetouch is their turnaround time and pricing. As far as I could remember, I never had any delay in getting my processed files so far. Moreover, what they charge for the kind of quality work they offer is quite competitive. All I have to say is that I am quite happy with them. Melbourne, Australia

Jim Burton

Automotive Dealer

No word for praise – they are so perfect in clipping path and background adjustments. Whatever I send, I get back the other day – no delay and no compromise in quality. Competitive pricing – the icing on the cake. There is nothing more I need for my e-commerce portal.   Sydney,  Australia

Chris G.

E-commerce Portal Manager

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Why PicsRetouch?



  • Over 5 years of experience
  • Two hundreds of satisfied clients worldwide
  • Technically expert Photoshop team
  • About a million photos retouched
  • Long term customer relationship

Customer Satisfaction

  • Two-level quality check ensures flawless retouching
  • Quick turnaround time (Not more than 24 hours in most cases)
  • Your privacy is protected at us, whether it be your personal details or the images you share with us.

Competitive Price

  • Our location in India can help us keep our overheads to the minimum.
  • We can manage to offer a price lower than our counterparts in Europe, Australia and United States.

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  • Assess our quality of work, turnaround time, and other parameters with the free sample.
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