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real estate photo retouching

A real estate buy and sell is an ongoing activity. The first thing that can attract a potential buyer is the image of the property that he or she is going to buy. As real estate photography needs a great amount of skill and experience, there is always a scope to enhance the picture your photographer has taken. This is where the idea of real estate retouching comes to play its role.

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The Process of real estate retouching

A real estate retoucher can help remove dust, correct exposure and light, adjust brightness and contrast, remove lens distortion, correct perspective, join multiple photos, add or remove people or objects, and do a variety of other things to enhance the image and make it more appealing to a prospective buyer.

Three levels of real estate photo editing


Almost all real estate photographs need to be processed through the basic steps of cleaning and correcting errors. These may include but not limited to exposure correction, such as under and over exposure adjustment, noise reduction, color correction and balancing, perspective correction and scaling, straightening of horizon, image sharpening, depth and contrast adjustments, cropping, resizing and removal of dust, dirt, spots and lens glare. A photographer may choose to work on Lightroom to fix most of the problems, but professional retouching can enhance the image quality quite significantly.


Photo enhancement and manipulation can take a real estate retouching job to the next level. Prior to effect any change in the image, we need to correct lens distortion, remove color cast and adjust white balance. Panoramic photo stitching is often a requirement in the real estate industry as it helps a potential buyer get an overview of the property from many different angles. Advanced techniques, long experiences and sharp skills are needed to join multiple pictures and create a well blended panoramic image. Still image enhancement, sky replacement, lawn & garden enhancement, and color enhancement are some other services provided at this level. Adding a blue sky, giving water a bluish hue, saturating green foliage, and adding fire to fire place are some usual color enhancement techniques.


Showcase your properties in the best light. Real estate agents can take advantage of cutting-edge technologies to woo a prospective buyer. While drone image editing is a recent phenomenon, several others have become industry standards. These may include HDR processing, 360 degree virtual tour, wide-angle panoramas, and hi-end photo manipulation and enhancement. Adding virtual furniture, color tone matching, removal of unwanted objects and people, reflection removal, and highlighting and brightening shadows are among the techniques we use to give print-quality real estate retouching services.

Our services

Our photo retouching specialists are aware of the different types of things that can help enhance the image of a real estate property. With our quality services, we are capable of turning any real estate photograph into a saleable commodity. Some of our services may include the following:


Exposure Correction


Sky Replacement


Dust Removal


Panoramic Photo Stitching


Color Correction


HDR Processing


Straightening of Horizon


Image Sharpening


Removal of unwanted objects and people

Our clientele

Real Estate Photographers

Real Estate Agents


Some examples

photo enhancement

Photo Enhancement

photo manipulation

Photo Manipulation

hdr photo editing

HDR Photo Editing

photo stitching

Photo Stitching

sky replacement

Sky Replacement

360 virtual tour

360 Virtual Tour

The PicsRetouch Difference

We are a team of experienced photo editors who have accomplished many complex real estate retouching jobs. Moreover, we can offer a range of services depending upon the need and budget of a client. For example, we can offer basic, medium and advanced levels of enhancement, each with a different set of real estate retouching services, to suit the varying needs of our clients. Ask us for a free sample job and see what we can do for you.
Our workflow typically moves from global changes to local adjustments, to retouching and applying special effects. We prefer doing things manually using tools like dodge, burn, clone stamp and healing brush. Masking is an important technique to accomplish selective enhancements and color corrections.

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