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Online fashion jewelry sales are projected to capture 15% of the global jewelry market by 2020. Grab your share in the flourishing market and expand your business, attracting buyers with clean, captivating jewelry images.

Don’t lose sales just because of poor manifestation of your online catalog.

Rely on proven expertise and long experience instead.

Try our hassle-free services – upload, get the work done overnight and receive the images the next morning.

From simple to complex, we, at PicsRetouch, offer varied solutions, right at your desktop, at the most affordable prices and best possible TAT.

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The Process Flow of Jewelry Retouching

Jewelry retouching is a complex process and may require many hours to complete. Seldom is it a work of one person and often requires several professionals of different expertise levels.
Here is a brief summary of what we may do to each image depending on the instructions you have provided.

  1. Create an outline of the product and save the clipping path for further processing
  2. Remove dust and blemishes and retouch spots and scratches
  3. Remove unnecessary reflection and create shadows if required
  4. Adjust tone, color, contrast and brightness, and apply sharpness and tone settings
  5. Straighten, align and crop as per requirements
  6. Change the background to white or any other color specified by the client
  7. Do necessary enhancements and give a finishing touch

Example of jewelry reflection shadows

jewelry reflection shadows

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Our retouching services for Jewellery images

A jewelry retouching project may involve one or more services of the following.

  • Clipping Path and Masking
  • Background Removal & White Background
  • Color Correction or Adjustment
  • Image Cleaning and Removal of Dust, Zits, Spots, Blemishes and Scratches
  • Reflection Removal and Creation of Natural Shadows
  • Brightness, Tone and Contrast Adjustment
  • Watermark Removal and Adding Logo
  • Necessary Enhancements, Highlights and Shades, Gemstone Editing, and everything that a client might need.

Our Clientele

Jewelry Photographers
E-commerce Portals
Online Stores
Jewelry Shop Owners

The types of jewelry products we have retouched

Over the years, we have retouched a number of jewelry items. Some of these may include the following.

ring photo retouching


bangle photo retouching


pendent image retouching


earring photo retouch


bracelet image editing


necklace retouching service


The PicsRetouch Difference

While retouching makes a jewelry item look more shining and more lustrous, over-retouching can indeed give a false impression about the product. Your business may suffer if all this translates into negative feedback from your buyers.

The key to perfect jewelry retouching is “balance”. Only an experienced retoucher knows what to touch up and what to leave. High skill and good expertise are needed to apply just the right amount of hue, saturation, light, color and sharpness.

The professionals at PicsRetouch have everything that goes into the creation of a perfectly retouched, natural looking jewelry product. Besides, we have known to have offered the following to our existing clients.

  • Competitive Price
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Industry-Standard Quality
  • Full Security

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