avoid jewelry photography mistakes

How to avoid common jewelry photography mistakes?

Ansu Man | Feb. 28, 2024 | Categories: Photography | 0 comments

Jewelry photography can be exciting as well as challenging at the same time. Jewels often have a natural spark, a different look and a wow-factor in themselves. It is the duty of the photographer to portray jewelry in the same manner as it is in reality.

Some of the challenges that photographers face while clicking jewelry pictures are inappropriate reflections, unsuitable shadows, extra shine and many more. Let us look at some of the common mistakes that photographers make during a jewelry photo-shoot.

  1. Inconsistency in shooting: It is important for the photographer to remember that he/she has to maintain a consistency with regard to the size of the photo and the angle from where it is being clicked. Inconsistently clicked photographs often tend to spoil the final look.
  2. Poor lighting: Having a well-lit surrounding forms the basis of any photo-shoot. Jewelry shooting also requires a good light so that the object does not lose its charm and luster. It is important for professionals to understand that harsh lighting and a contrasting white balance might put off customers.
  3. Distracting backgrounds: Some online retailers feel that a white plain background can look boring. They further think of putting some extra effort to work on the background and make it complex. However, using a plain background would keep the focus on the product, as compared to complex backgrounds that might distract customers.
  4. Unwanted reflections: All jewelry items have natural reflections and may look awkward after being clicked. A shiny diamond ring, or an ostentatious looking diamond necklace would reflect during a shoot. It is up to the photographer to avoid those reflections and capture a beautiful shot.
  5. Poor focus: Remember the jewelry you are shooting should capture customers’ attention and make them buy the product. If you keep a soft focus, they might not be able to get a perfect view of the jewelry. Therefore, your images need to be sharp and crisp as much as possible.
  6. Unwanted props: A jewelry photo shoot would require only the part of the body on which the jewelry would be placed. In case of rings, it would be the fingers, in case of necklace it would be the neck and so on. Using unnecessary props would distract the customer, thus shifting their focus from the main object to the prop.
  7. Wobbly images: If you are hand-holding the camera and trying to get the perfect shot, you may not succeed completely. Instead, if you choose to use a tripod and click a picture, the images would have a better quality along with consistency.

During a jewelry photo shoot, it is important to act like a professional and get that perfect click in order to attract customers. It is all about the minute details that should be taken care of. Accurate representation of a photograph has the ability to convert viewers into prospective buyers. Customers get a fair idea about the product just by looking at it. Therefore, as a photographer, you need to be ready to shoot as perfectly as you can. Photography mistakes increase retouching work of a photo retoucher.

Examining your product thoroughly, cleaning them and repairing any imperfections if any goes without saying. Even the smallest dust particle can be visible to the human eye. That is why, it is important for photographers to click flawless photographs and ensure the correct amount of sharpness too.

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