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Do photo-editing apps throw a challenge to photo retouching companies?

Ansu Man | Feb. 29, 2024 | Categories: Retouching | 0 comments

Photo editing apps have come a long way to automatically apply filters to achieve a desired look. The results are no longer funny but looks more natural and quite realistic.

Are they becoming so popular to throw a challenge to computer-based photo editing programs?

Mobile-based apps have limitations because of low storage and processing power of a hand-held device. Computer-based software, on the other hand, have much more processing power and can store thousands of exceptionally large images. Coupled to this is the fact that the people working on these kinds of software are highly experienced, multi-talented professionals.

It seems there is no match between the two. Clearly, these apps do not pose any threat to photo retouching companies.

How good are these apps then?

They have not been created to replace professional software. They serve some basic requirements of a hobbyist or selfie-taker. These machine-learning based apps are smart enough to solve some real-life photographic issues on the go.

Here are some of the things you can expect to do it quickly although at an amateur level.

Remove blemish

You take a selfie and everything turns out to be fine except a black dot here or there on your face. What should be the solution? A photo-editing app will certainly have a blemish removal tool that works on intensifying color or blurring the area where such blemishes exist. You will often find a slider that you can move to control the look and feel of your photograph. Some apps might offer a much simpler patching, healing or vanishing tool to remove the blemish instantly.

Fix eyes

Red eye has always nagged photographers. While a photographer might not have a solution to this, an app will certainly offer an option to do away with the red-eye issue. Some apps offer just a tool to keep your natural eye color and saturation. Other more advanced apps might offer you options that can allow you the change the eye color to green, blue or hazel. Using an appropriate tool, you can add more definition to your eyes.

Apply filter

Away from natural look, people often want to give some special effects as well. They can apply an appropriate filter to make their photographs look more attractive and appealing to a setting or occasion. Some of these effects may include portrait, black and white, 3d, nostalgic, nature and splash.

As the discussion above made it clear that both apps and software have uses and appeal to different categories of users, you have no other option than to hire professional retouching companies like PicsRetouch for your business.

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