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How to hire wedding photographers on a tight budget?

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Wedding is undoubtedly the most memorable event in a couple’s life. Each and every couple would want to keep the best memories of their wedding in the form of pictures. When we talk about wedding, there are several expenses involved. Right from booking the venue, catering, jewelry, gifts, costumes and so on. This might make some couples rework on the budget, who may then decide to cut cost through photography.

Majority of couples prefer to shell out less on their weddings. If your wedding is just around the corner, or if you know someone who is about to tie the knot, you would want to know some tips and tricks of mastering wedding photography on a tight budget. Of course, you would not want to compromise on quality, but at the same time you would not want to have a hefty photo-video bill at the end of your wedding. A good photographer can save the cost of wedding photo editing work.

Save money on wedding photography

Here are some of the tips to hire good photographers on a budget.

1. Check with your personal network

It is a good idea to check with friends or relatives and inquire if they know a good photographer who is willing to click your pictures on your D-Day. If you are lucky, your friends or relatives may even help you get a good bargain.

2. Look for less established freelancers

A well-known wedding photographer comes with a substantial price; whereas, on the other hand, if you can get through someone who has had past experience of wedding photography, but is not famous enough, you would be paying less.

3. Ask for a discount if any

Most people prefer to get married on Sundays, and if your wedding is on some other day of the week, you can check if they have an off-peak discount. You can apply the same logic to off-season weddings and grab a discount if you plan your wedding during the Summer or the Monsoon.

4. Choose custom packages

Photographers usually customize the whole package that includes soft copies of photographs, albums, videos and other frills. You can always ask the photographer to knock off some items from the list and allow you to pay less eventually.

5. Look for local photographers

It is always advised to hire photographers from the same city where you are going to get married. Doing so would help you save on the photographer’s travel and stay expenses.

6. Compare prices

We often compare prices while buying a house or a car, so why not while hiring a photographer. Keeping in mind the quality and the photographer’s portfolio, you can decide which one to hire for your wedding.

7. Take help from family

Of course your family is by your side when you are getting married so why not ask them to help the photographer decide wedding poses and arrange the background. This will save the photographer’s time and help you wind up photography sessions faster.

8. Pay attention to quality instead of quantity

Few good quality photographs are always better than plenty of unsatisfactory pictures. It is therefore recommended to tell the photographers what exactly you are looking for and how should the final shot look.

9. Attend a wedding fair if any

A wedding fair is a place where all the people associated with a wedding would be present. You can expect a discount on wedding photography if you book a photographer at the venue itself.

To Sum up

Remember that clicking a good picture is not the only duty of a photographer. He/she will have to work during post-production and edit pictures to make it look better. It is therefore not a one-day job. It is easy to say that photographers mint money and enjoy our weddings too, but he/she is ultimately responsible for our pictures.

There are many more ways you can think and work out on your photography budget, but make sure you don’t compromise on quality. After all, marriage is something that happens once in a lifetime, go ahead and get clicked perfectly.

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