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How to shoot reflective and shiny objects for online retailing?

Ansu Man | Feb. 28, 2024 | Categories: Photography | 0 comments

Shooting reflective or shiny objects such as a silverware or a glossy looking musical instrument can be a challenge. It can be tough for even experienced photographers, as it is important to retain the same look and still enhance its shine in the photograph. If a customer looks at a plain looking set of silver spoons, it would be difficult for him/her to judge the quality of the product.

If you are an online retailer selling anything and everything that shines, you would not want to compromise on the shine of the product. This is where the art of shooting reflective and shiny objects come into picture. Let us look at some of the points to be noted while shooting shiny substances.

Tricks to shoot shiny objects

  • Shiny objects should have a white background: It is recommended to shoot shiny substances in a room with white walls. This would avoid having the color of the walls getting reflected on the object and would retain the shine in the final output.
  • Use a continuous light source: It is best to shoot shiny objects in an area that has sufficient continuous lighting. Photographers prefer to click pictures either early morning or during the evenings so that the light source is not too harsh on the product.
  • Adjust camera settings: Use a tripod so that you are able to click the sharpest images possible. Adjust the aperture in a way that the entire focus is laid on the product and nothing else. It is also important to select an appropriate shutter speed matching the aperture.
  • Create shadows wherever possible: A photograph with shadows speaks volumes and gives a very natural look. Placing the objects in a way that shadows are noticeable creates a better output, as compared to pictures that are clicked without shadows.
  • Photograph at an angle: Playing with the angle and adjusting it every time you click a picture would help you realize that the look of the object changes with each different angle. See for yourself and decide the best angle in which you get the most natural look of the object.
  • Click without flash: Flash adds an automatic reflection to objects and if you want to avoid this reflection, you need to ensure that the flash is not being used while clicking pictures. Reducing the glare also helps in bringing out the best in a photograph.

The online retailer aims at showcasing the best of his/her products. Good photographs are the key to successful online businesses. The e-commerce world relies completely on photography, which is why majority of online retailers give a lot of importance to cut out pictures that are uploaded online.

Photography expertise revolves around clicking pictures that look better than they really are. Reflections can be distracting, but if you miss out on the luster and the shine of the object, you are surely making a mistake. Having said so, natural reflections in case of a landscape are a must as the photograph might look dull without them.

Once you have learnt the importance of maintaining the shine of a product in a photograph, you are sure to go a long way in attracting customers. It won’t take much time to convert an online viewer into a prospective buyer and thus boost sales. You can get more photography and retouching tips at

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