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How a retoucher can help an online store to sell more

Ansu Man | Feb. 28, 2024 | Categories: E-commerce | 0 comments

You set up an online store, either registering with a popular online marketplace or by creating a website with your own brand name.

Next, you step out to meet an array of suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and logistic companies, making inquiries, taking samples, buying products and forming long-term business alliances.

You now have a virtual shop and goods ready to be shipped.

And you are all set to sell. PicsRetouch always ready to help you.

But wait, you are missing something…

You need a way to display products in your virtual shop. Remember, it’s a virtual store, so you can’t just unpack and begin placing things on the shelves. So, what will you need to do now?

Pretty obvious! Just hire a photographer and get your images photographed. Now you have something to display on your virtual store.

Go ahead and start placing your product photos along with descriptions and other vital details on your ecommerce website.

A buyer will now at least be able to get an idea of what kinds of products you sell, allowing him or her to perceive what an item will look like when they purchase one.

Here is one useful tip to sell more..

A majority of online shoppers say images are the most important factors when they decide to buy online.

So, make your images more appealing visually.

Begin by removing distractions, such as backgrounds, unwanted shadows and silhouettes, bad lighting and unnatural colors.

Then add on beautifying elements for Amazon, such as bright colors, natural lights, correct angles, and proper grounding.

Do not forget to get all your images uniformly sized and aligned with optimum resolution.

You now realize a photographer is just not enough to do all these. So, you need another guy – an image retoucher.

Here is what a photo retoucher can do to your product images

  • Bring uniformity: You might have noticed different sizes and resolutions of raw photographs. You agree images of different sizes won’t create aesthetic appeal. Also, there are problems with alignments and orientations. Finally, your images might have different backgrounds. So, all these need to be smoothed out.
  • Remove backgrounds: More often than not, you may want to get rid of the messy backgrounds. A cleaner, white background would look more consistent and visually appealing. A retoucher uses various clipping path techniques, ranging from simple to complex, to remove a background, sometimes replacing it with a white background.
  • Add shadows: The image should look properly grounded, and not suspended in air, for a realistic look. Various shadow creating techniques help a photo retoucher achieve this objective.
  • Correct photographic errors: Even the smartest photographers can error. Sometimes, it is not really the fault of a photographer at all. Nevertheless, you need to get your image corrected, before you can show it on your web portal. Adjusting color and light are only two of these correction techniques.
  • Enhance and add effects: Images should not look blurred. All the elements on them should have correct perspectives. Some portions may need to be sharpened. Sometimes, you need two or more images to combine and create ghost mannequin effect. There may be a lot of other things to do with the images to create something irresistible that entices prospective buyers.

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