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Common Automotive Photography Mistakes

Ansu Man | Feb. 28, 2024 | Categories: E-commerce | 0 comments

Automobile photographers should have a fetish for cars, along with a passion for photography. An amalgamation of both these things go hand in hand in getting that perfect shot. We see so many cars everyday around us. In fact, there is a new model in town almost every month.

It seems that taking a picture of a car is comparatively easy as compared to wild life, nature, jewelry, wedding or even kids’ photography. This is because there is not much work that a photographer needs to do on the car as compared to the other cases.

Having said so, it would be wrong if we take automotive photography for granted. Not all automobile photographs seem to be appealing. Each and every picture should be taken after proper planning and research. Let us look at the common mistakes automotive photographers make and see how can help.

Mistakes in Automotive Photography

At times it is not possible to take that perfect shot even with the best of cameras. This is where automotive picture retouching plays an important role. It helps to get rid of the background crowd, scratches on the car, adds a shine and increases the face value of the car.

Points to remember during an Automotive Photography

  • Avoid choosing a busy background: While dealing with automotive photography, make sure to choose a background that is less crowded and noisy. A busy background will divert customer’s attention and make them ignore the car. Avoid objects that will take away the focus from the car. Pay attention to minute details such as trees, trash bins and light poles near the vehicle.
  • Ensure the car is clean and spotless: A car full of dents and stains might put off the customer immediately. If you have no other option but to click a picture of such a car, retouching can come at your rescue. Image editors use Photoshop and other similar tools to enhance the product, add luster, thus making the car look clean and spotless.
  • Use a Tripod: Tripods can be of great help especially when you have a problem in keeping your hands steady and firm. This in return gives you sharpest images. Also, a tripod can help to take multiple exposures. You can adjust the background color and capture the sky in a beautiful manner. In order to get that perfect sky blue picture with the car standing ostentatiously underneath, retouching can be a great idea.
  • Get Down Low to Get the Best Angles: You might want to shoot the car from the wheels so that you have a complete view of the vehicle. To get that flawless shot, you also have to go down low so that you can shoot and get desired angles. If stooping down too low is troublesome, you can capture your perfect shot and hire a retouching specialist. The specialist will take care of lighting, reflection and color thus giving you an ideal image.

How retouching can help to enhance your photographs?

Automotive photography has to be crystal clear. It is the duty of the photographer to click good pictures and hand it over to a clipping path company for further enhancements. Software tools like Photoshop will not only enrich the photo but will add glamor and seek public attention too.

Getting rid of the unwanted background space, deleting scratches on the car, hiding dents and even adding color to the sky and trees around are all possible through retouching. These seem to be small things but can do wonders to your picture. Retouching is all about adding the extra spark so that your car shines in reality.

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