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How jewelry reflection shadows can help you sell more online

Ansu Man | Feb. 28, 2024 | Categories: Retouching | 0 comments

People often feel that shadows being such a small part in photography can be easily ignored. However, including such minute details while clicking a picture can do wonders to your product. The online buyer is constantly comparing products from one website to the other. With innumerable options available, there seems to be no stop to comparison.

As a jewelry seller, it is easy for you to showcase products that look pretty and classy. The stones, texture, quality of the picture, finishing and final look is all easy to portray with the help of a picture. If you add a tinge of reflection shadow, the product will not only look realistic but will also help the image to pop up.

Adding Shadows to Jewelry

Shadow is a mixture of perfect lighting. It is not possible to get the exact shadow you want while clicking a picture. A photographer might not be able to take that exact shot, which is why retouching product images, becomes a requirement.

There are different ways of adding a shadow to a product. You can use natural shadow or a reflection shadow. Natural shadow requires perfect lighting but a reflection shadow can be created using Photoshop.

Importance of Jewelry Reflection Shadows

Using a reflection shadow will make your product look as if it has been photographed on a mirror. We all love real life reflections. Don’t we? The best reflection is of nature. Have you ever seen how beautiful the reflection of a tree looks in water? Or even the moon’s reflection on the river is so soothing to look at.

Nature can teach us a lot of things. With the world going digital and everything available on the Internet, it is easy to recreate things that we look around. It is an amalgamation of ideas, creativity and technology.

Same way jewelry reflections add up to the glamor of the product. If your product is a diamond studded bracelet, its reflection at the bottom enriches the picture. A Jewelry product retouching by adding a reflection does not happen magically. You need certain tools for that, and what better than Photoshop? The motive behind using a jewelry reflection shadow can be many, but the most common ones are as follows:

  • Gives you a realistic feel of the product: The bracelet or a necklace having its reflection below makes you feel as if the product is really present in front of you.
  • Adds up to the beauty of the product: It makes the product even more beautiful than it actually is. Mirror reflection gives us a clear image.
  • Makes the product shine and look elegant: It automatically makes the product shine. Jewelry has to be delicate and elegant.

When we have all of the above, our sales automatically get accelerated. Reflection shadows do not suit each and every product. For example, a reflection shadow might not be useful while photographing clothes. However, it goes best with jewelry. The look and feel of the product changes and this is what we are aiming at.

Photographing and uploading photos of jewelry might seem simple. But taking care of detailing is also important. Reflections can play a major role in selling your product. Make sure the use of shadows is consistent in all your images. After all, in the online world, whatever is appealing to the eyes gets sold off within no time. PicsRetouch is a reputed jewelry retouching company at affordable price.

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