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Photo Retouching – What is it?

Ansu Man | Feb. 28, 2024 | Categories: Retouching | 0 comments

Shoot a photo and get it altered to appear differently than the original. While the concept looks so simple, the process can be quite complicated, and often time consuming as well. It is not a photographer’s job to do the edit as the modern retouching techniques have evolved to warrant an entirely different breed of professionals.

Helping the Photographers

Retouchers now have a major role to play in post production and make raw images suitable for industry uses. It doesn’t matter how well you have taken a photograph, you need to process it before it can be used as an end product. Photo retouching has come to simplify this process and help photographers keep their clients’ faces smiling.

The advent of digital photography has simplified the life of photographers. The “darkroom” era is now a bygone era. A computer is all you need to process the raw images. Seek the assistance of a recognized retouching company who can help you cut time in post production and focus more on taking good, awesome photographs.

The Ethical Question

Doesn’t it sound wrong to create something that has no existence? The concept of photo retouching has indeed raised eyebrows of purists and preachers of morality and ethical standards. Deceptive portrayals of human subjects, events, places and objects are not without criticism. Altering an image to distort truth can never be justified.

In many cases, the idea of photo retouching or manipulation makes sense and is arguably justifiable. Imagine when you want to take the picture of a building in a crowded street. You can’t stop people coming and going in front of the building. Despite all your effort, you may end up with an image cluttered with blurring figures of unwanted people. A retoucher comes to your rescue and help get rid of it.

The Commercial Uses

Industries benefit as photographers are now able to cater to their exact needs quickly and in large volume. All they have to do is to shoot and send the raw files to qualified retouchers and image editors for post production. Industries can even handle the two divisions separately to leverage the output and give their product range a consistent look.

Photo retouching is fast growing as an industry in itself across the globe. The demand for good professionals and quality products and services is on an increase. Jewelry, ecommerce, retail, real estate, fashion and auto are some industries that regularly need the professionals of photoshop for clipping path, color correction, masking and background removal.

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