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Ladies footwear photography tips

Ansu Man | Feb. 28, 2024 | Categories: Photography | 0 comments

Product photography plays a crucial role in ensuring complete customer satisfaction. All products have their own ways of attracting customers provided they are showcased in the best possible manner. Appropriate lighting, perfect shadows and the right colors are some of the common things that are applicable to all images of a product.

When we talk about ladies’ footwear, our entire focus shifts to some lovely looking sandals that are photographed and edited to give a better look. An online retailer’s main aim is to convert visitors to customers. This can only be possible when you master the art of footwear photography and avoid making some common mistakes at PicsRetouch.

Let’s look at some of the Do’s and Don’ts that should be followed while photographing ladies’ footwear.

The Do’s

  • Use soft lighting: Soft lighting can also be natural lighting. It gives a natural tone to the footwear being featured. If you are doing an outdoor shoot, remember to shoot at early mornings or at evenings. It is recommended to avoid an afternoon shoot as the sunlight would be too harsh on the product.
  • Take different angles: You may not be sure which shot looks perfect for the footwear you choose. As a photographer, you should always take pictures in multiple angles so that you have options for selecting the best picture while editing the same.
  • Make the footwear stand: Footwear that stand straight give a better view than the ones that are kept flat on the floor. Ensure that the strap or the buttons are clearly visible for customers to make the right choice.
  • Use a clean background: As a photographer, your focus should be on the product and in this case definitely the footwear. Using a clean white background puts the entire focus on the footwear. The picture looks clear and noticeable too.
  • Use a cropping template: Keeping your images consistent will create less confusion in the minds of the buyers. For consistency, a cropping template works best. This will not only set cropping guidelines, but will enhance the appearance of the product too.

The Don’ts

  • Avoid cluttering the frame: Remember that the best picture is the one that grabs attention. Therefore, it is important to have a clear frame and focus only on the footwear. Do not keep any unnecessary things near the product.
  • Don’t use soft focus: Soft focus makes the picture blur. Customers may not be able to see the picture clearly and this may discourage them from looking at the footwear any further. If your image is out of focus, customers will surely not waste their time in looking at your product any longer.
  • Don’t overlap the footwear: Overlapping refers to keeping one footwear over the other. This may look trendy in real but spoils its digital look. As an online retailer, you should remember that there is a difference between looking at products in reality and looking at products online.
  • Don’t forget natural shadows: While editing a photograph, you need to keep in mind the importance of shadows. Natural shadows give depth to the picture. If you remove all the shadows, your picture might look superficial.
  • Don’t droop your footwear: When a footwear is drooped, customers fail to relate to its exact look and feel. Remember to keep the footwear in a way that attracts more and more customers. If you make your customers visualize wearing the footwear, they may even go ahead and buy it.

The do’s and don’ts of footwear photography may be many. It is up to the photographer and the retoucher to work together in a way that makes the footwear look appealing. Your sole focus should be the product. There is no harm in exploring new ways of showcasing a product, provided it looks eye-catchy.

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