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Types of product images and how they help sell more

Ansu Man | Feb. 29, 2024 | Categories: E-commerce | 0 comments

Product photos not just represent the item you intend to sell online but also showcase different aspects of the item and also answer different queries of a prospective buyer. Your website must display these images and help buyers select the best. A satisfied buyer is likely to buy again and also encourages others to buy.

Here are the different types of products images that you must include on your website landing page.

Describe in detail

Give customers the look and feel of the products you are selling. Show them how soft or sturdy your product is with a closer view. Allow customers to zoom in on high-resolution images or provide them altogether different image in high-resolution.

Larger product images increase sales. You can make the images clickable to keep a balance between large image and faster download times. Larger images offer an opportunity to examine a product in closer detail, such as fabric texture.

An alternative to clickable is zoomable images, which allow customers to feel more engaged. Engaged visitors are more likely to buy.

Often product images mislead customers regarding their sizes. Provide customers images that show exact product size and dimension to avoid returns. Your customers will be happy and fully satisfied, and are likely to leave you with a good comment, influencing other buyers. They are also likely to buy again.

A product in hand, comparing a product with the height of a human being, or providing actual scale with the images are some of the solutions.

Show how to use

Additional images showing the product in use can encourage purchases.

Customers find it easier to visualize the products in their life and utilize them to their full benefits. Using images, you can describe visually capacity, dimension and usages of a product. You can show how much can fit in a product or show a size comparison where scale is important.

You can also create images to describe different steps of using a product that is unusual or difficult to use. Also, it is important to show all possible ways of using a product through pictures. For example, a vacuum cleaner not just cleans houses but can also be used to clean cars and big machines.

A product can be used a variety of ways – some are known, others can be creative. It can be a pleasant surprise for a customer to see a product being used in a way that he or she have never imagined.

Address compatibility issues with use of right images. If you are selling a product that must involve use of some other product(s), then you must show them. You will have to clearly show which products are compatible and which are not. It is a good idea to give this piece of information through effective images. Electronic gadgets (charging cables) often need such kinds of images.

Build confidence

Use lifestyle images. Such images show the product in use and help you visualize the item in your daily lifestyle.

For example, you can show a model wearing a pair of earrings. An energy drink is symbolic of a healthy lifestyle. Cute photos of a baby must compulsorily be shown with a baby product.

How does PicsRetouch help you to increase your sale

PicsRetouch is a photo retouching company for ecommerce which edits your product images to give a professional look to increase product sale.

Sometimes customer imagers found on social media sites are a great way to inspire potential customers. You need to take permission first before you can use them, but they can be a great way to boost your sales as they provide evidences for the usefulness and quality of your product.

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