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9 tips to start your own photography studio from scratch

Ansu Man | Feb. 29, 2024 | Categories: Photography | 0 comments

Are you fascinated with photography? Is photography your passion? Do you want to start your own photography business and convert your passion into your career? If your answers to these questions are yes, you are on the right page.

Photography is becoming very common these days, especially because of the e-commerce product editing. Also, a good looking picture attracts customers and indirectly boosts sales. In order to start your own photography studio, you need to have the basics as mentioned below.

Basics required to start your own photography studio

  1. Start small: You need not jump into buying a huge space or investing in a separate studio. If you have an extra room in your house, or even a basement area, you can get that converted to a studio and start working. Doing so would help you save on rent and other expenses.
  2. Add proper lighting: As you know, lighting forms the basis of photography. You can find an appropriate lighting kit at the nearby hardware store. If your room has natural lighting, you can use that as well.
  3. Create good looking backdrops: Building a backdrop is an easy and a creative activity. You can use stuffs from home that you no longer need, and use it as a backdrop. For example, curtains, huge chart paper, muslin cloth can all be used as a backdrop.
  4. Paint the walls: After you create your own backdrop, it would be a good idea if you can paint the walls. Remember dark colors can place an ugly stint on the photograph thus making it look dull. Always choose light colors, they not only brighten up the picture but also create an even tone.
  5. Add props: If you have a limited budget, you can create props from things you no longer use. Similar to your backdrop, you can pick up prop material from home. An empty picture frame, a designer mug, an unwanted hairband, an old teddy bear and much more can be used as a prop.
  6. Buy a nice camera: Buying a camera is the most important step. Doing a thorough research and deciding which one to buy can be quite challenging. You may have to spend a little more for a good camera, but the money spent will be surely worth it.
  7. Buy a tripod: A tripod is a must if you have your own photo studio. When cameras are placed on a tripod, you don’t have to worry about shaky images or poor focus. You automatically get the perfect picture with sharp focus too.
  8. Buy a laptop and a printer: All your photographs should be immediately transferred to your laptop so that you can get ready for further work. Ensure that your laptop is up-to-date with the latest software so that you can start editing too. Buying a printer would help you print your photographs and make them ready for delivery.
  9. Create a portfolio: Make a portfolio of your best photographs and frame them in your studio. This would give customers an idea about the quality of photographs being clicked, thus spreading your name around.

The above mentioned points are some of the basics of a photo studio. You will realize that as and when you progress, you might need to improvise and add some more necessities in your studio. You might need some business cards to handover it to people, an air conditioning unit, extra seating space and a changing room. Self photography of products can reduce your retouching cost.

Having your own photo studio would help you practice what your love. Whether it is to create everlasting memories or continue shooting as a hobby, you are sure to enjoy every bit of photography. Taking inputs from friends and family would also help you in making your studio better. After all it is always a good idea to welcome thoughts from people who help you grow in life.

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